They are not working towards anything and it'll get them no where

Aici puteti posta chestii ce apartine in maii ulte categorii. De exemplu ceva ce apartine de smart home facute cu arduino.
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They are not working towards anything and it'll get them no where

Post by sunxuemei » Thu Feb 18, 2021 1:32 am

If you will boss Best OSRS Gold site or to a place where u will be tanking a ton of dmg, u need a dfs (8.5mil), however it sux im0. Aside from that, you should get Amulet of Glory, Obsidian cape (or flame cape, which requires u to kill Jad), Regen bracelet (or rune+ glasses out of rdf), dragon boots, and receive an aura, (sign up to your members loyality programme, even if you have not alrdy, to start earning points, that you use for purchasing auras. .) Hope this helps!

Additionally, people give away cash in hopes that these players can get wealthy and will owe or become best buddies and provide them like 10M instead of 100K. Many of those"beggars" are really high levels who make money in this way then move money so they will never get it back. They do get lucky sometimes and also make friends with real new people who do provide them alot back.

Two bad things in this: Account Transferring that is bannable. They are not working towards anything and it'll get them no where. I did beg before occasionally. I remember that I needed around 500GP in my pure mage to get runes... I asked someone and he gave me 35K instead and told me to enjoy. I told him I had a primary and he was like what. Some folks just give it as it makes them feel great. I have learnt something. If you want even 500GP work for this. Proceed to cows and you will have it . Begging anywhere is a bad habit to have.

Personally, I ignore people or even frnds who beg for cash. . Nevertheless, if people who just encounter me and inquire how to slay/summon or the such, and take them to buy RS gold the needed places and teach em there, they are thankfull, which means they are real noobs.

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